OUR SERVICES C&M Safety Consultants SA can offer the following services to clients: 1. As per Construction Regulations, act as the clients safety agent, and apply for construction work permits. 2. Develop Safety Management Systems and implement the necessary systems for clients. 3. Develop and prepare safety documentation for construction projects. 4. Assist with company Safety Risk Evaluations. 5. Prepare Risk Assessments. 6. Do accident / incident investigation on behalf of the client. 7. Do client facility or project inspections and Safety Audits. 8. Liaise with the Department of Labour on behalf of the client. 9. Assist clients with the understanding of Occupational Health and Safety Compliance. SAFETY OFFICER SERVICE C&M Safety Consultants SA can further: 1. Assist the client by placing full time or part time competent Safety Personnel on the client’s project or facility. 2. Manage / assist the client’s Safety Personnel for further development BENEFITS TO THE CLIENT 1. The client will get a cost effective service. 2. All the staff are well trained and experienced. 3. No more costs to train Safety Officers. 4. Professional consultants with all safety related matters. 5. Can liaise with all Authorities on behalf of the client. 6. Service offered by C&M Safety Consultants SA will reduce all safety related risks. 7. Cost effective training with our associated company Horizon SHE Training Consultants. MARKETING 1. To encourage Safe Behaviour in the workplace, C & M Safety Consultants has a wide variety of Safety posters available. 2. Inspection registers are also available to record all required inspections. 3. C & M have the practical and theoretical knowledge and the ability to appear as Guest Speakers at seminars or to undertake Safety Promotional talks.
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